Short and Sweet Workouts

'tis the season right?  For your time to be spread super thin and fitting in those workouts is super tough.  So we've listed a couple of workouts below that are super simple, quick and fun to do when you're crunched for time.

"Runnin' on Empty" = 20'

  • Warm Up - 7-8' building your effort starting super easy
  • Main Set - ~10' as 15-20 seconds hard/40-45 seconds easy
  • Cool Down - 2-3' easy
"Ridin' Dirty" = 30'
  • Warm Up - 10' easy build
  • Main Set - 15'
    • 5' as 10 seconds HARD/20 seconds moderate/30 seconds easy
    • 5' as 15 seconds HARD/25 seconds moderate/20 seconds easy
    • 5' as 20 seconds hard/30 seconds moderate/10 seconds easy
  • Cool Down -5 easy
"Just Keep Swimming..." = 30-45'
  • Warm Up - 300-500 as 75 easy/25 build
  • Main Set - 1000-1500
    • 10-15 x 100 on :05 RI
  • Cool Down - 100-200 easy
There is a short and easy workout that everyone can knock out when limited on time!  And remember that Work Works When Wishing Won't.

Holiday Season Party Etiquette for Triathletes

As Brit, RJ and I were sitting at dinner last night in a local restaurant enjoying our meal when I noticed the back room of the restaurant set up for a holiday party.  I enjoy the art of people watching...maybe that's why I arrive at airports so early (actually I'm just paranoid about missing my flight and making it through security...though I have nothing to hide those TSA people freak me out).  People watching is rather entertaining, and to avoid being "that guy" at your next holiday party we were hoping to throw a few pointers out there.  There are many different types of holiday parties...the work party, the party with friends, the family party, the party with the triathlon folks, your significant others work party...and the list goes on.

What we witnessed last night was some rather awkward interactions between what I have to assume were all co-workers...unless it was some sort of "speed dating" session that we were unaware of.  There were drinks in hand, and what looked like meaningless small talk ensuing with the one person telling a story about something rather mundane and the other person nodding their head in agreement basically saying, "Yea I could give a rats a$$ about what you're saying right now...I just want my bonus check and to get the heck out of here."

We could go on to share various scenarios that we see being played out each and every night at holiday parties across the country...but instead we're going to give you a list of dos and don'ts:


  • ...dress in triathlon gear...lycra isn't meant for the office...and honestly well we won't go there...just don't wear lycra to holiday parties.
  • ...wear your latest Ironman finishers shirt.  This rule should also apply to most social functions not just the holidays.  If you're going to a "triathlon" function...then sure we'll allow it...but no one at your local soup kitchen needs to know you spent $700+ to exercise.
  • ...let the conversation revolve around your training sessions/recent races.  If someone asks, say that you did well and move on with the conversation.  That is unless you're at a triathlon related event...then make sure to say how the swim was a boxing match, the drafting on the bike was insane, and you had GI issues the entire run...odds are your story will probably match up with the majority of the posse there.
  • ...skip dessert.  Why the heck would you want to?  And it makes you stand out like an awkward triathlete who's "Body is a Temple".
  • ...speak about how you "have" to eat gluten-free.  If you have a legit problem that's understandable...but don't try to tell everyone about it.  People who care will already know.
  • ...leave early because you have to get one more training session in...and if you do have to get that training session in, it's probably better to do so in secret.  Don't tell people they'll think you're a moron.
  • ...have that extra drink.  Maybe it will loosen you up a bit and you'll be able to think about something outside of that time in college when you had to get a ride home from the owner of the bar because you had one too many long island ice-teas...
  • up on time.  And on time for a social functions could mean 15-30 minutes tardy...but don't show up 90 minutes late.
  • about things that "normal" people talk about.  What those things are I'm not quite sure, but I know you can figure it out.

We hope you enjoy this holiday season!  And remember that Work Works When Wishing Won't!